A concept for the future only bears fruit if responsibility is accepted

Environmental protection and safety as quality factors in electroplating

For highly professional and reliable product results in electroplating and injection moulding production, the FISCHER Group firmly abides by its quality promise. In this regard, the company leaves nothing to chance. Goals that are set out in advance ensure appropriate handling of materials and auxiliary operating supplies.

We take our responsibility in the field of environmental, climate and employee protection seriously. For our part, this also includes aligning our daily activities with the principles of the international agreement of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro. Many of our premium customers follow a consistent environmental policy themselves. Which is why we consider it all the more important to adopt environmentally-friendly injection moulding processes and sustainable electroplating. This is how we ensure qualitative and flawless production that is befitting of your brand quality.


A new dimension

of injection moulding machines and electroplating systems

More innovative, more precise, more promising: state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and electroplating systems are our answer to present day climate change. That’s why our environmental protection measures start with selecting the latest technologies. We test each of our processes according to ecological, economical and social quality standards. This allows us to check the FISCHER life cycle assessment right from the start. We live this philosophy at all of our plants – with highly innovative electroplating and injection moulding system technology that features the most cutting-edge environmental components.

To manage the handling of finite resources in a sustainable manner, we rely on novel recycling measures. By using an in-house wastewater treatment facility, we are able to separate service water into four wastewater systems and, consequently, send the materials contained therein for high-quality recycling. All unsuitable materials are disposed of by specialist companies.