Impressive surface design
by specialists

Pioneering plastic electroplating by one of the European market leaders

The FISCHER Group is a leading innovator in top-quality surface finishing – particularly in electroplating and injection moulding. As a long-standing premium provider of high-grade plastic electroplating, the company is known in the industry for its excellent quality, the unmistakable chrome design as well as a love for detail. Another reason why, throughout Europe, considerably more than a third of all cars in the premium and premium light segment now drive with state-of-the-art FISCHER electroplating.

More than 700 employees develop and produce exceptional electroplating surfaces across two German sites as well as three plants in the Czech Republic (Liberec).. With an average annual turnover of around 70 million euros, the FISCHER Group is among the market leaders in plastic electroplating and injection moulding as well as other surfaces.


Surface finishing at a
premium level

As a full-service supplier for surfaces, we have made it our goal to realise phenomenal brand experiences. We achieve this goal with maximum commitment, via compliance with stringent quality guidelines in toolmaking, injection moulding, electroplating and assembly as well as by deploying the latest surface technologies.

In this regard, our focus is always on the surface. In addition to manufacturing plastic parts using injection moulding methods, we also perform surface finishing. In order to advance electroplating methods, we work continuously on the development of products and processes for plastic electroplating.

Thanks to surface finishing, high-class designs from the automotive, sanitary, electronics and medical industries get their unique look. Impressive surfaces are the result of many years’ experience and industry knowledge. This is how FISCHER successfully expands its growth strategy and stands out with highly innovative surface technology.