Current trend from the automotive industry - brand new chrome shade

Riding the wave of the current trends in the automotive industry Fischer Surface Technologies, a pioneer among surface specialists, together with HSO Herbert Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG developed a brand-new chrome shade. The innovative process is based on the chromium sulphate electrolyte that together with darkening agents allows the usually high gloss chrome surface to go dark. Of course, this process is thoughtful of the environment and uses the trivalent chrome for the surface treatment without any cobalt alloys as other dark surface treatments solutions on the market. Not only the new shade looks great, it also performs well in the corrosion tests and fully complies with the automotive OEM requirements.


Fischer is opening new facilities for CHROME VI-free plating

FISCHER is now using a CHROME VI-free surface galvanisation process, and so is already meeting the new REACH regulation that will come into effect in 2024.

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FISCHER informs about Corona Virus Covid 19

Fischer Surface Technologies GmbH informs you in this difficult and very dynamically changing time about the situation regarding supply security.

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FISCHER accelerates conversion to chromium-III

As one of the pioneering companies in the industryy, FISCHER presents a four-year plan for the gradual conversion to a chromium-VI-free galvanization process In doing so, the company reacts early on to the European chemicals regulation REACH in order to be your strong partner for chrome-plated components in the future. The first step will be taken by 2021, the site-wide conversion to Chrom III for all Fischer plants. In the second step, according to Fischer's current plans, a chromium-VI-free pickling process will be introduced by the end of 2023.

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