The FISCHER Group on an innovative path

Achieving brilliant effects thanks to special surface finishing

To meet the premium demands of the automotive industry without having to compromise, we regularly improve and expand our surface finishing repertoire. Special material characteristics and effective, splendid metal surfaces make additional processing steps and innovative process technologies indispensable. Our expanding range and our drive to manufacture a state of the art product at all times are what make us unbeatable. The balance between trend awareness, strong growth, quality assurance and a willingness to experiment exceeds customary standards and makes us the forerunner in plastic electroplating. This has not gone unnoticed by the younger generation. Many students focus their research in areas within plastic electroplating.


Innovative laser technology in plastic electroplating

Once electroplating has concluded, original laser technology gives the components used an even more special touch. The manner in which the laser technology is used raises the field of plastic electroplating to a new design level - both visually and functionally. FISCHER integrates samples, letterings and other customised engravings as options.

Brushing with high gloss: special methods for decorative surface finishing

For design connoisseurs with specific preferences, we always use a further processing method in electroplated surface finishing. A brushed structure is incorporated mechanically in an additional process step. This not only necessitates many years’ knowledge of materials but, at the same time, requires experienced hand movements in its implementation. Brushing gives the metal surface a luxurious look. This provides every desired surface with recognition value.