Injection moulding

Precision moulds for high-level products

Injection moulding is one of the two core competences of the FISCHER Group and, at the same time, a milestone in the process chain. Be it with or without finishing – FISCHER sells the injection mould components as a direct part or refines them in an additional process.

On the one hand, the company produces various parts using the injection moulding process. This, for example, includes surface parts and plastic, technical parts that can be sold directly to the customer. On the other hand, parts are produced for subsequent surface finishing.

The results of injection moulding are decisive for quality as the precursor to surface finishing and the electroplating integrated within the company at a later stage. The basic technical requirements and internal processes of injection moulding and electroplating are all the more precisely intertwined.


Demanding precision

Metallically beautifully designed

Technically sophisticated plastic components, modules and systems for the premium segment of the automotive, sanitary and electrical industries are part of our daily injection moulding work.

With our surface expertise and our manual skills in handling injection moulding machines, we produce the most precise moulds in the first stage, which promise perfect surface results. This guarantees on-time and routine completion.


Injection moulding power

More than 30 injection moulding machines, state-of-the-art peripheral equipment, feasibility of all thermoplastic materials, compliance with the greatest surface demands and stringent quality testing are the origin of a design-conscious, successful series production:

FISCHER injection moulding machines

In single and multi-component processes, tailor-made plastic parts are produced using the most powerful machine performance.


More than 30 injection moulding
machines of 30-400t

Modern injection moulding peripheral
equipment including freely programmable removal
units as well as centralised material drying and supply