Valuable chrome-plating for impressive designs

Chrome-electroplating of plastic – FISCHER gives numerous prestigious brands in the automotive industry their splendid metal surface. The exquisite chrome-plating is part of the technologically innovative design of many global brands and also a key detail for enthusiasts.

As customer wishes and interior and exterior designs change according to trends for the most part, we electroplate chrome surfaces in a variety of designs. Our chrome-plating ranges from matt and glossy to satin-finished surfaces. Extraordinary surface trends and customised special productions allow our chrome diversity and product-specific expertise to grow further. The impressive visual, the appealing metal feel and consistent top quality complete FISCHER's unique chrome finish.

Captivating quality

An exquisite visual

A valuable feel

High resistance


Electroplating technology

Design meets functionality:
a passion for electroplating plastic

What makes us the electroplating experts we are today and what do we enjoy so much about electroplating plastic are easy questions to answer: as a surface specialist, it is our passion and our drive, still to this day, to captivate design-savvy customers across the globe with our traditional yet extravagant metal surfaces. More than 250,000 plastic parts are electroplated on a daily basis across a total of four electroplating plants. Tailor-made, advance electroplating simulations ensure optimum frame design and make detailed analysis of the manufacturability of the part possible even at an early stage. The products satisfy the highest demands and are impressive thanks to an exquisite visual, a valuable feel as well as excellent quality and great resistance.

To ensure reliable electroplating of excellent quality, we work strictly in line with the demands that the electroplater places on a workpiece. That’s why we always realign every parameter to the specific product requirements when electroplating plastic.

What makes us successful? A phenomenal cool touch effect that emphasises the desired balance between a functional feel and a high quality visual and, at the same time, effects enhanced resistance to wear, corrosion and UV.


Special surfaces – Matt surfaces

Matt, chrome-plating or would you prefer something more glossy?

Whether classy, sporty or extravagant – our diverse range of chrome-plating will give your interior and exterior designs a genuine, expressive strength. As a pioneer of matt-chrome electroplating and a specialist in special surfaces, we know the industry trends and are able to master even complex production processes. The particular appeal of chrome-plating matt surfaces is its visual similarity with brushed stainless steel and other metal surfaces.

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Surface finishing

Multi-faceted finishing for individual market needs

Automotive trends in design and technology require regular expansion of our surface technology. In addition to chrome-plating, our range features painting and other surface refinements of injection mould parts as a further specialist area. Be it ornamental elements or decorative trims – the combination options arising from chrome-plated and painted parts require decorative design freedom on the one hand and, on the other hand, serve as a cost-oriented basis for decision making.

But the demands we place on painting and the expansion of our range of surfaces are just as high as those we place on chrome-plating. That's why we make use of the expertise within our qualified partner network and outsource the painting process. This allows us to deal with your requests in a holistic manner and, at the same time, ensure satisfactory results in every field.