Always one step ahead when it comes to development

Exceptional advice throughout the entire process chain

As a premium provider of luxurious design wishes, the quality requirements of the FISCHER Group apply not only to technologically and technically flawless surface finishing. We consider our service promise to start with personal, professional advice. That’s why we support each one of our customers at every stage from first contact onwards. Prestigious brands have elevated design requirements, especially in the luxury product segment.



For a flawless overall result, every last detail of every step is planned and monitored constantly.

This includes:


The designing of components
appropriate for plastic and surfaces


The development of
different methods for
electroplated surface finishing


Further development of
innovative processes for electroplating


Our recipe for success

is our unique, total package

We strongly believe that we can only complete projects according to the wishes of our customers if we identify with them. What is expected of electroplating? What is possible in plastic electroplating? While the components and design wishes on the part of the customer are set, it is FISCHER's task to make them physically and economically possible. We work continuously on the development of our methods in the field of surface finishing. Via short, close-knit communication channels, we offer advice about potential process technologies, further reflect on ideas, showcase our variety of effects and provide information about foreseeable challenges during electroplating.


Design – simulation – jig development

The more intensive the collaboration is in the construction phase, the more targeted electroplating and injection moulding become. Many years’ experience and detailed information come together in the construction phase. Special simulation software assists with the planning and implementation of plastic parts in injection moulding. Made-to-measure electroplated jigs guarantee an optimised and flawless electroplating process. This ensures an electroplating-appropriate, reliable series supply.